Drunk Driving: The Victim, The Offender


Producer: Robin F. Pendergrast

Year: 2002

Format: DVD: Running time: 53 mins.


A drunk driving "accident" is never just an accident — every time a drunk driver gets behind the wheel, they have a made a choice both for themselves and their innocent victims. Drunk Driving, the Victim, the Offender profiles several individuals whose lives have been forever altered by an alcohol-related automobile accident: a husband who lost a wife, a child who lost her parents, a parent who lost a child, and one young woman who almost lost her own life.


This intensely moving documentary also profiles two convicted drunk drivers —"the offenders" — who attempt to convey the almost indescribable guilt and remorse for their poor judgment and the consequences they face. The highly emotional stories of those interviewed are distinct, but the message contained in each is exactly the same: drunk driving can be prevented, and no one should have to suffer for someone else's bad decision.



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