Producer: Culture of Children, LLC

Year: 2008

Format: DVD     Running time: 24 mins.


The Gullah culture evolved with the transportation of African slaves to the Sea Islands of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. This program presents a glimpse into their history, their present way of life, and their desire to continue Gullah traditions despite overwhelming odds. The culture has survived over the years through elders passing down the language and traditions to their children. Over the past fifty years, however, the Gullah culture has begun to die. Contributing to its demise are the development of resorts along the Sea Islands and the movement of Gullah descendants to larger cities in search of employment and education. As descendents become more educated, they are taught it is better to not use their cultural language despite the fact that it is an art form serving as a link between Africans and African-Americans.

Gullah reveals how this African-American subculture embraces the lives of its ancestors in order to withstand the relentless and overwhelming pressures of assimilation and opportunism brought by tourism to their traditional strongholds. From the time of emancipation the Gullah people displayed a unique spirit of independence and community. Their devotion to their Gullah heritage is an inspiration to all who seek to maintain traditional culture in a changing world.

By Emmy Award-winning director, Allan Holzman



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