Shout It Out Alphabet Film From A to Z


Producer: Lynn Smith

Year: 2010

Format: DVD    Running time: 11 mins.


THE SHOUT IT OUT ALPHABET FILM FROM A to Z begins with exuberant shouts of: "OK! Here it is! The Shout it out Alphabet Film! Shout it out! Shout it out!" With these words, the audience is invited to participate in this charming animated film, to learn the letters of the alphabet and start to make connections between letters, sounds, and words.

Each of the twenty-six letters of the alphabet has a little story. As each story unfolds, the shared experience of calling out the names of the different characters and objects fosters an atmosphere of playful enthusiasm that can aid tremendously in the learning process.

Meant for general and classroom use as well as for teaching English as a second language, the DVD comes with an instructor's guide that covers both areas of learning. Also included is an alphabetized list of the many words that are represented in the film.

With special bonus movie FROM A to Z FOR ALL to SEE Letters in bright neon colors parade in alphabetical order to a catchy new alphabet song. The perfect compliment to The Shout It Out Alphabet Film!


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