Made in America


Produced by American Film Foundation and Universal Multimedia Communications

Year: 1996

Running time:  52 minutes   Format DVD


This video explores the efforts made by six American firms to set up business in Japan.  We follow Compaq Computer as it develops a strategy to challenge the Japanese computer industry on its home grounds, and see MacDonald's remarkable success in getting Japanese to eat American fast food.  To Chrysler's "surprise" the Japanese automobile market was not as closed as American's thought but required considerable "rethinking" and a "new set of priorities."  We watch Barney's of New York as it tries to move its New York "air" to Tokyo, and then pursue direct marketers L.L. Bean and Amway Asia into the lucrative work of telemarketing in Japan.

American corporate experiences are discussed by insiders as well as by Japan specialists such as T.R. Reid of the Washington Post, Bill Farrell of the American Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo, Ronald Sternberg, Tokyo advertising consultant, Tim Langley Amway's Tokyo "man," and historian Fred Notehelfer of UCLA. Oscar winning filmmaker, Terry Saunders, combines direct interviews with a variety of informative footage that provides a lively picture of the Japanese setting and business environment. "Paired with Made in Japan this video is a must for anyone who wants to understand the contemporary Japanese business environment and seeks to take advantage of Japan's dynamic society and markets." Dr. Fred Notehelfer Director of UCLA Center for Japan Studies

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