Blaze Glory & More: Blaze Glory, Vicious Cycles, Sergeant Swell,


Producers: Chuck Menville, Len Janson, Dave Brain

Producers: Dave Brain, Chuck Menville, Len Janson

Compilation DVD  Running time: 34 mins.



Blaze Glory (10 mins.)

A zany, hilarious burlesque of the Western, where everyone rides invisible horses and where the Purple Sage Stage runs on invisible wheels. Blaze is an intrepid champion of justice and purity, fighting off evil men and adorning ladies with equal vigor and always riding into the sunset alone. (1968)


Vicious Cycles (7 mins.)

A slapstick caricature of motorcycle gangs in which the cyclists bound across the countryside on invisible bikes that leave visible tire marks. A mean-looking group, the Vicious Cycles, Inc. takes on the Mild Ones Scooter Club. (1967)


Sergeant Swell (16 mins.)

A pixillated romp across the great Northwest in which Sergeant Swell of the Mounties, riding an imaginary horse, runs afoul of a trio of unlikely Indians on imaginary war ponies resulting in a humorous caricature of old Western movies. (1971)




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