Closet Cases Of The Nerd Kind


Producer: Rick Harper

Year: 1980

Format: DVD Running time: 12 mins.


In this slapstick, broad comedy takeoff on Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a sewage worker and zany assortment of other mortals meet up with some cute and cuddly extra-terrestrials—traveling to earth in a giant pie in the sky. As our hero copes with his obsession with mashed potatoes, whipped cream and maraschino cherries, Roy Dreary comes closer and closer to the fateful moment.


Singing mailboxes, truck radios that spout bubbles and bubble music, and one pie in the face after another, lead him to the Sara Loo pie factory—and his close encounter of the nerd kind. There's a wide-eyed cherubic child, a famous French scientist, a bewildered wife, a mysterious code which turns out to be the notation for the Greek letter Pi, and an oversized xylophone on which Dreary signals to the aliens. Special effects and humor reminiscent of Fractured Flickers, this video recreates all the memorable scenes of the high budget original.

Original music by Laurence Wright


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