Mystery Of The Missing Table Manners


Producers: Mac & Ava Productions, Pyramid Films

Year: 1991

Format: DVD  Running time: 17 mins.


The name: Bond, Brett Bond. The mission: to save his innocent and sloppy counterpart from the embarrassment of bad table manners. The Mystery of The Missing Table Manners is an entertaining and educational primer for children, designed to teach the essentials of good table etiquette. This charming and informative film follows an ordinary boy through an adventure in dining as he is helped along by a more suave, sophisticated version of himself. Brett is filled with terror when he's invited to Amy's house for a formal dinner. He's not used to eating with people who use "forks, lots of forks." With the timely help of his well-groomed alter ego, Brett quickly and successfully learns the necessary and basic tricks to having good table manners, all of which are recapped at the film's end. Brett learns that having good manners is easy and that, as he painfully discovers, there are indeed reasons for having rules. By the end of the dinner, Brett has learned where to place his napkin, which fork to use and how to hold it, and how to sip his soup quietly. The mystery of the missing table manners has been solved. Mission accomplished.


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