Ecstasy: The E Street Blues


Producer: Brain Trust Films

Year: 2005

Format: DVD  Running time: 21 mins.



Ecstasy use has doubled every year for the past 5 years, becoming an integral part of the club scene, particularly in the rave subculture. Some users and dealers dismiss the drug as harmless fun, but the growing numbers of emergency room patients who have taken Ecstasy prove that it can be harmful... even fatal. In Ecstasy: The E-Street Blues, current and former users describe their experiences with the drug, which can sometimes cause the user's body to overheat to such a degree that vital organs actually shut down. Meanwhile, a psychiatrist at a major university details how MDMA, the active ingredient in Ecstasy, affects the mind and can trigger depression, memory loss and even long-term brain damage.


Ecstasy use can lead to suicide, homelessness, attempted murder and prison, but the director of a successful urban treatment program offers insights on how to avoid substance abuse problems and where to go for help and support. With its colorful graphics and pulsating original soundtrack, this high-energy documentary proves that a few moments of so-called "Ecstasy" can lead to the very pit of despair.


Part of the "STREET SCENES" series, hosted by Hip Hop Artist "The Q"


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