Hood To The Hill: The neXt Generation


Producer: 2008

Year: 2008

Format: DVD   Running time: 28 mins.


Hood to the Hill: the neXt Generation expresses the heart, humanity and dreams of young urban American culture played out in our nation's capitol. This program chronicles the lives of teenagers in halfway houses in Washington, D.C. who live on Dr. Martin Luther King Avenue. They reveal the challenges they face in working their way back into a society overwhelmed with the problems of youth violence, teen pregnancy, employment and education.

The subtext explored in the documentary is the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as revealed by a journey down Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, a journey through desperate city neighborhoods. Hopefully, this movie will inspire people to examine the legacy of Dr. King and then take steps to improve our urban communities and help our nation's young.

The film was produced with Teen Champions Executive Director Kevin Williams.


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