Kids & Guns Don't Mix


Producer:  Paul Edwards

Year: 1999

Format: DVD  Running time: 31 mins.


Through a combination of interviews and group discussion, Kids & Guns Don't Mix provides disturbing but insightful viewpoints about violence in the lives of today's youth. These are real stories told by real kids. The video provides an opportunity to promote serious discussion among high school and middle school students about the topic of guns and violence in the classroom, thereby increasing a student's ability to cope with potentially deadly situations.

The Classroom Version is designed to provide a starting point for meaningful discussion with students about guns and violence. Dramatic reenactments of violent crimes are shown to promote classroom participation in real-life dialogue about violence in the lives of kids today. (13 minutes)

Version 2 the Teacher's Version, contains the entire classroom version, but is directed at teachers, school administrators and parents. It includes pointed insights from a 30-year veteran teacher and provides a compelling perspective which emphasizes the importance of this subject matter to middle school and high school students.

A comprehensive teacher's discussion guide is included.

Teacher/Administrator version: 18 minutes


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