In Good Hands: A Guide To Health Care Advance Directives


Producer:  New England Research Institutes

Year:  2001

Format: DVD  Running time: 23 mins.


In Good Hands encourages people living with a life-threatening illness - in particular, those with HIV - to make an "advance directive": a document that outlines their health care preferences, as well as who they want to make medical decisions on their behalf in case they become incapacitated.

This moving documentary integrates advice from medical and legal experts with the stories of four people whose lives were profoundly affected by having or not having an advance directive: the gay couple - one of whom has tested positive for HIV - who must rely on one another for support; the loved ones of a young man dying from AIDS who struggled to guess his wishes; the HIV-positive single mother who realizes that she must plan for the future; and the man who had to make the final decision for his ailing partner.

A User's Guide containing all the details needed to prepare an advance directive is available electronically with each purchase.


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