Recognizing Child Abuse: Physical Abuse


Producer: Cinema House Films Inc.

Year: 2008

Format: DVD     Running time: 13 mins.


Child abuse and neglect are all too common in society.  Physical Abuse covers various aspects surrounding the physical abuse of children, including risk factors and how to recognize actual physical signs of abuse. Physical symptoms covered in detail imagery are soft-tissue injuries, skeletal and head injuries, abdominal injuries and inflicted traumatic brain injury. Viewers learn types of suspect behavior in both victims and perpetrators and what signs one should look for when assessing suspected abuse.

Recognizing Child Abuse is a three-part series designed to inform those providing care and service how to recognize the signs of child abuse and what actions they need to take if abuse is suspected. Each program address mandatory reporting for those in health and social services, as well as anonymous reporting by others. Other parts in the series: Neglect and Emotional Abuse and Sexual Abuse.


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