Safe Sex, Girl Chat


Producer: Cari Lutz

Year: 2000

Format: DVD        Running time: 21 mins.


Safe Sex: Girl Chat is a documentary geared toward young adults about dating and safe sex in the AIDS era. Interviews with young women talking frankly about their experiences and views are intercut with footage representing sex, dating, risk, chance and safety. Have the rules for dating changed? Is sex an integral part of dating? What kind of commitment are you making when you have sex? And what must you absolutely do in order to guard your own health? These topics and more are covered, including condom use, HIV/AIDS testing and the option of abstinence. Though intended for young women in particular, the program contains lessons and advice from which audiences of both sexes can learn. In this age of potentially high-risk relationships, no one can afford to be ignorant. Insightful, humorous and entertaining, Safe Sex: Girl Chat aims to heighten awareness about safe sex for the new millennium.


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