American Folklore Legends: Sleepy Hollow, Paul Bunyan, John Henry


Producer: Stephen Bosustow Productions

Year: 2012

Compilation DVD  Running time: 37 minutes


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (13 minutes)

A classic American folktale explodes into life as the lanky figure of Ichabod Crane clatters into view. Spiced with humor and tension, this animated film provides an exciting vision of the spectral spirits and twilight superstitions that haunt the drowsy Dutch town of Sleepy Hollow. Story by Joseph C. Cavella, based on a short story by Washington Irving.

The Legend of Paul Bunyan (13 minutes)

Paul Bunyan was no ordinary logger. The tale tales that surround this legendary hero -- his confrontation with Hels Helsun, Bull of the Woods and his adventures with Babe, his big blue ox -- are all humorously told in this classic, animated version. The old man of the mountains, who narrates the story, highlights the remarkable characteristics of Paul Bunyan ‹ traits that can only lead us to conclude, "Now that was a big, big man!"

The Legend of John Henry (11 minutes)

This is a ballad of John Henry, the mighty steel-driving railroad hero whose strength and skill were pitted against the unceasing power of a relentless steam drill. With both music and graphics employing traditional American and African themes, the film stands as a tribute to the courage, dignity and achievement of a man in the face of overwhelming odds. Performed by Roberta Flack.


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