Three By Martha Graham


Producer: Martha Graham Center

Year: 1970

Format: DVD    Running time: 87 mins.


Martha Graham is one of the giants of American dance. Often compared to Picasso because of her long dedication to her chosen art, Graham's creativity spanned seven decades and over 150 choreographed works.  Graham brought dance out of the Romantic period and into the 20th Century.  She taught her students movements that illuminated the inner realities of the human spirit in conflict with itself.  The compilation includes:

Cortege of Eagles

From 1967, set in ancient Troy at the time of its fall. Miss Graham portrays Hecuba, the bereaved queen who, when faced with the inevitable consequences of violent times, is driven to terrible violence herself.

Seraphic Dialog

From 1965, this is a drama of Joan of Art at her moment of exaltation and is considered one of Graham's most beautiful works.

Acrobats of God 

From 1969, this piece is a fanfare to dance as art.  A lyrical, lighthearted work, this is Graham's personal celebration of the disciplines, glories and delights of a dancer's world.


three by martha graham
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