Human Cloning: An Ethical Dilemma


Producer: Global Science Productions

Year: 2001

Format: DVD  Running time: 33 mins.


Once considered the stuff of science fiction, cloning has become an inescapable reality. Human Cloning: An Ethical Dilemma explores the ethical and moral issues involved in our fast-approaching ability to duplicate a human being, while examining the frequently overlooked practical considerations of the developing technology. Leading experts — including research scientists, physicians, theologians and attorneys — discuss the possible consequences of cloning and its potential impact on humankind.

Among the questions raised: Is human cloning an appropriate use of technology? Or is it simply the poisonous offshoot of a collective scientific ego raging out of control? What authority should make the distinction between the two? If history has proven that unexpected benefits can arise from advanced scientific inquiry, should science be allowed to push forward at whatever the cost, or should fear of the unknown limit research? As with all complex questions, there are no simple answers. Instead, Human Cloning: An Ethical Dilemma encourages viewers to draw their own conclusions in this fascinating, comprehensive look at the past and future of cloning.



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