Bee Basics, 2nd Edition


Producer:  Pyramid Films

Year: 2002

Format: DVD  Running time: 12 minutes


Bees are important to our world and the interdependence of all species. Without bees, flowers and fruits would lack a basic means of propagation and all life would suffer. In Bee Basics, 2nd Edition we take a “bee’s-eye” view of the life cycle, anatomical structure, instincts, adaptations, behaviors and characteristics of the queen bee and the diversity of her bustling entourage of drones, workers and nurses.


Filming inside a hive, we follow the process of metamorphosis and job specialization. In the world of sunshine, meadows, trees and animals, we investigate food gathering, pollen dispersal, physical adaptations to fulfill basic life needs, and species adaptation to climate, habitat and predators. As each member of the hive goes about its myriad tasks, the honeybees ensure the survival of the larger ecosystem which depends on them.


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