Butterfly Basics, 2nd Edition


Producer:  Pyramid Films

Year: 2002

Format: DVD  Running time: 16 mins.


The seemingly fragile and ethereal butterfly is, in fact, a marvel of adaptation perfectly designed to carry on its life processes. As they both cooperate and compete within the plant and insect worlds, butterflies fill an important niche in the world's ecosystems. With their amazing diversity, butterflies live in almost every habitat on earth.


After scientifically distinguishing butterflies from moths, Butterfly Basics, 2nd Edition explores the life cycle of the zebra longwing butterfly from egg to larvae to pupa to the emergence of the adult through the process of metamorphosis. It examines instinct and behavior, as well as the butterfly’s anatomy, the purpose of specific body parts, and how butterflies have adapted physically for camouflage, flight, food gathering, pollen dispersal, and reproduction. Each adaptation insures the species' survival, and the survival of the butterfly is a special link in the survival of all species.



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