Seeds In Motion, 2nd Edition


Producer: Pyramid Films

Year: 2002

Format: DVD    Running time: 14 mins.


Without plants, perhaps the most important producers in the food chain, the world as we know it would not exist; like all livings things, plants go through a series of life processes, the most important being reproduction and adaptation. How can plants grow everywhere? How does a species spread itself over great distances and into a variety of habitats? With the help of time-lapse photography, this film investigates the characteristics and diversity of the ingenious solutions flowering plants, including fruit plants, have devised for propagation, in particular the embryonic seed, competition for light, food, water and space, and the way seeds are dispersed via water, wind and animals. The symbiotic relationship between seeds and the insects, birds and animals which spread them, including man, is a manifestation of the interdependence of all species which requires that we be aware and protective of the ecosystems which make up the living world.


seeds in motion-2nd edition-1
seeds in motion-2nd edition

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