Winding Your Way Through DNA Series


Producer: University of California, San Francisco

Year: 1995

Format: DVD   Running time: 71 mins.


This excellent three-part documentary chronicles the history of DNA research from its meager beginnings in the 1950's to the most ambitious scientific undertaking of the 20th century: The Human Genome Project. Titles in the series include:

On Becoming A Scientist 
19 minutes

Focusing on the personal and professional lives of three young graduate students and a lab manager, this program seeks to dispel the misconceptions that all scientists and researchers are shy, quiet introverts.

Stories From the Scientists 
27 minutes

Profiles the four researchers - Noble prize winners Francis Crick and James Watson, Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen - whose combined discoveries paved the way for all modern genetic research.

Promises & Perils of Biotechnology: Genetic Testing 
25 minutes

Biotechnology has many wonderful applications in medicine-testing for genetic disorders, curing and preventing diseases-at the same time it raises ethical, legal and social issues. This moving documentary explores these issues.


winding your way through dna
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