Sally Ride: America's First Woman Astronaut


Producer: Afterburner Enterprises

Year: 2000

Running time: 33 minutes


White, male test pilots and scientists dominated the first two decades of the American space program. All that changed on June 18th, 1983, when Dr. Sally Ride became the first women astronaut in space. Her selection and accomplishment both mirrored and encouraged the full inclusion of women in all aspects of American society.

The first six women chosen to become astronauts, including Dr. Ride, were fully aware of their scientific and role model status, the publicity that would surround them, and the issue of whether male astronauts were ready to accept women into this exclusive, high-profile career. The dedication and success of Sally Ride answered the question not only for the shuttle program, but for future space flights as well. Her pioneering flight continues to highlight and emphasize the unlimited possibilities for young people, girls as well as boys, to become part of the space program.


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