Voices From The Classroom: Dimensions Of Good Teaching


Producer: University of Pittsburgh

Year: 1997

Format: DVD    Running time: 24 mins.


What characteristics make a good teacher? What qualities are found in exemplary teaching? With much of the attention in this country focused on what's wrong with education, little time is spent on what teachers are doing right. Voices from the Classroom: Dimensions of Good Teaching addresses this disparity in focus and shows how teachers who care about teaching are making a difference in the lives of their students. The program examines six "exemplary" teachers who have distinguished themselves in the classroom. Through teacher and student interviews, five important dimensions of good teaching are identified and explained through examples that show how best to blend these ingredients for a successful teaching environment: high student expectations knowledge of one's subject use of active and meaningful instructional strategies effective classroom management a commitment and passion for teaching. Voices from the Classroom: Dimensions of Good Teaching brings to life the concepts relevant to excellence in teaching and should be a welcome addition to any faculty orientation and/or faculty development program.


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voices from classroom

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