Voices Of Pain, Voices Of Hope


Producer: Jerome Rabow

Year: 2005

Format: DVD   Running time: 43 mins.


Despite the considerable social advances of the 21st century, intolerance remains a persistent problem in the modern world. Education is the only solution: by admitting prejudices within ourselves, we can then take the next step of shedding these negative attributes. In Professor Jerome Rabow's Sociology 160 class at University of California, Los Angeles, the ethnically and culturally diverse students find themselves confronting their own attitudes toward - and experiences with- prejudice and inequality in today's society, forcing them to come to terms with their own self-worth, self-image, and cultural pride, and encouraging the transformation of their personal worldview. The goal is to create a dialogue, encouraging the participants to discuss the issues at hand while questioning their own attitudes toward such topics as racism, sexism and homophobia.


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