Gardening With Kids


Producer: Pyramid Films 

Year: 2003

Format: DVD   Running time: 12 mins.


With Spring time just around the corner, Gardening with kids would make a great addition to bla blah.  This month we are selling it specially for $XX.XX” The price is already set up as a discount in the check out.


Gardens--large or small, indoors or out--are unique multi-disciplinary opportunities for students, teachers and community members to become reconnected to nature, examine life cycles, and experience the self-esteem of participating in a stimulating and fulfilling activity. Opportunities for lessons abound, from science to math, art, reading and writing, social studies, environmental education and taking individual responsibility as well as cooperating in groups...not to mention the fun of working in the dirt!

Gardens are safe places for contemplation, recreation and community gatherings. Teachers do not need to be expert gardeners; learning along with one's students is invigorating. As one experienced teacher notes, state standards provide educational frameworks but the teacher is the personal architect of his or her lessons to achieve those standards. Class or school gardening is the ideal project for providing hands-on learning and positive life experiences.



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