Club Drugs: Dancing With Danger


Producer: Brain Trust Films

Year: 2005

Format: DVD   Running time: 19 mins.


Some drugs are seen so often at parties and music events that they're called "club drugs." They include such illicit substances as LSD, methamphetamines, Ecstasy - plus dangerous substitutes being passed off as Ecstasy - and powerful sedatives like "roofies" (Rohypnol) and GHB, which are frequently used in date rapes. Every year, thousands of young people end up in the emergency room or the morgue as a result of taking these and other club drugs.


Come along as this street-smart video takes you outside a rave to hear about club drugs firsthand. Users tell how such drugs have led to depression, mental problems, loss of family, homelessness, prison and even death, while medical experts reveal the peril of combining pills with other drugs or alcohol.


The director of a treatment program shows how to avoid substance abuse problems and where to go for help. Featuring fast-paced visuals and a pulsating original soundtrack, Club Drugs provides young viewers with the real-life reasons they can use to say "no" to using these dangerous, possibly deadly chemicals.


"Part of the "STREET SCENES" series, hosted by Hip Hop Artist "The Q"


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