Conspiracy of Silence, Edited Version


Producer: Neal Marshad Productions

Year: 1995

Format: DVD   Running Time: 28 mins.


There is a conspiracy of silence that surrounds domestic violence. This documentary focuses on the efforts of one organization to help battered women and their children with safe shelter and counseling. Narrated by actress Kathleen Turner and featuring Denise Brown, The Conspiracy of Silence, cuts through social class, economic privilege and racial lines to demonstrate that domestic violence is not confined to a certain group; there is no typical profile for the abuser or the abused. This video outlines the problem of domestic violence clearly and concisely and provides the model for meaningful and workable solutions.


"This is a sober look at what domestic violence is and how it can be identified, punished, and prevented. Recommended for all libraries."

This program is also available in its original length of 50 minutes (code: 5380)


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