Downward Spiral: Oxycontin & Opiate Addiction


Producer:  Brain Trust Films

Year: 2005

Format: DVD:  Running time: 19 mins.


OxyContin is one of the greatest success stories in pharmaceutical history. This timed-release painkiller zoomed from its introduction in 1996 to selling over $1.7 billion by 2003. OxyContin and other opioids have also been successful at creating tens of thousands of addicts. OxyContin use and abuse have spread like wildfire, starting in Appalachia, leading to the nickname "Hillbilly Heroin."


In some areas 50% to 90% of those seeking treatment for substance abuse name OxyContin as their primary drug to abuse. OxyContin... Lortab... Vicodin... these relatives of heroin and morphine have led to over 10,000 emergency room admissions and thousands of deaths - and the numbers are increasing. Since opiates affect the brain and body the same way as heroin, many unsuspecting consumers begin taking OxyContin or another opiate-based medication for a medical condition and end up becoming hooked. Others who intentionally take an opiate for recreation underestimate their addictive properties, only to discover that the drug has taken over their life.


This gripping documentary takes you to the streets for an unblinking look at how opiates can lead to addiction. One of the world's leading pain management experts describes how addiction happens, while licensed chemical dependency counselors — former addicts themselves — explain how to escape the prison of addiction and where to go for help. The stories of young addicts will leave a powerful impression on viewers.


Part of the "STREET SCENES" series, hosted by Hip Hop Artist "The Q"


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